Photoshoot on the street

Here you can order a photographer for a photo shoot on the streets, in parks and at popular places in Moscow.

We can provide transportation (of up to 3 people) if you select multiple destinations for shooting (time on the road is considered part of the shooting time).

Call us and we will arrange for you a beautiful and memorable photo shoot!

Shooting Locations

Фотосессия arbb

Novy Arbat

Фотосессия arbs

Old Arbat

Фотосессия arka

Triumphal Arch

Фотосессия bagr

The Bridge Bagration

Фотосессия bols

Grand Theatre

Фотосессия carc


Фотосессия city

Moscow City

Фотосессия jvps

Scenic bridge

Фотосессия kold

Kolomna Palace

Фотосессия kolm

Kolomna Park

Фотосессия kras

The Moscow Kremlin

Фотосессия krym

Red Square

Фотосессия kusk

Crimean bridge

Фотосессия mguu


Фотосессия narb

Moscow University

Фотосессия novo

Novoarbatsky bridge

Фотосессия osta

Novodevichy Convent

Фотосессия patr

Ostankino TV Tower

Фотосессия pobd

Patriarchal bridge

Фотосессия push

Poklonnaya Gora

Фотосессия sobr

Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin

Фотосессия spas

Cathedral of the immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Фотосессия tret

The Temple of Christ the Savior

Фотосессия tver

Tretyakov Gallery